Allan O. Kelly

Allan O. Kelly

Allan O. Kelly, one of the founders of the Carlsbad Historical Society, was born in 1900 in Carlsbad. Members of the Kelly family at that time still owned most of the Mexican land grant called Rancho Agua Hedionda. As a child, he assisted on the family ranch, rode horses and attended the one room Calaveras school house.

He served as a director of the Costa Real Municipal Water District, as representative of the San Diego County Water Authority, and as president of the San Luis Farm Bureau and Cattleman’s Organization. Allan also served as a Board member of the Oceanside-Carlsbad High School District and on the County Planning Commission. In addition to belonging to the Carlsbad Historical Society he was active with the Toastmasters, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and his church.

Allan had an avid interest in geology and traveled around the world doing his own research. He published several books on the subject. He lived to be 100.

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