Finding Aid for the Allan O. Kelly Papers,






Origination/Creator:    Kelly, Allan O., 1900- 2001

Title of Collection:        Allan O. Kelly

Date of Collection:        1961-2000

Physical Description:  1.0 linear feet

Identification:   MS-005

Repository:                 Georgina Cole Library, Carlsbad History

               Room Special Collection,

Carlsbad, Ca

Abstract:                       The Allan O. Kelly Papers, 1961- 2001, consists primarily of business correspondence relating to his land ownership and his business and professional service, documenting his work as a rancher and member of the San Diego Water Board. Also included are materials related to Kelly’s family connections and participation in community organizations.



Access Restrictions:   Collection is open for research.

Copyright:                  The copyright interests in this collection remain with the

             creator. For more information, contact the Special

 Collections Library.

Acquisition Method: This collection was donated by his daughter Lucia Kelly Sippel  

                                     between 2003- 2006.



Born December 5, 1900, to William Sherman Kelly and Lavinia Jane Squires. October 15, 1945. Allan was grandson of Matthew and Emily Kelly, homesteaders of the Los Kiotes Ranch, now known as Carrillo Ranch, and grand nephew of Robert Kelly, owner of the Rancho Agua Hedionda Land Grant. He had 3 siblings, Horace Hamilton, Gladys Alice and Margaret Lavinia. Allen attended the original Calavera School, in Carlsbad, site of the present day Calavera Park.

Though involved in ranching, Allan was a renaissance man who had many intellectual and civic interests.  Allen was elected a Director of the Costa Real Municipal Water District, a representative of the San Diego County Water Authority, President of the San Luis Rey Farm Bureau and Cattleman’s Association, Board member of the Oceanside Carlsbad High School Board, member of the San Diego County Planning Commission, active with Toastmasters, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, the Carlsbad Historical Society and the Carlsbad Rotary Club.

Allen wrote several books, Target Earth and Impact Geology focused on his interest in geology, Carlsbad Water History 1880-1980 and A Camping Trip to Smith’s Mountain, documented his family’s understanding and interest in the San Diego County environment.

He was married to Katherine Larson for over 70s years and the couple had two children, William Allen and Lucia Caroline.



            The Allen O. Kelly Papers, 1940-2001, consists primarily of business correspondence, scholarly works, family history, land use agreements and negotiations, and all other areas of personal interest.

            The collection consists of four series:  Correspondence and Personal Writings (Series I), Business and Civic (Series II), Family Remembrances (Series III) and Travel brochures, newspaper clippings and poetry books (Series IV). Correspondence and Personal Writings is further divided into two subseries: Correspondence (Subseries A) and Personal Writings (Subseries B). Within subseries, items are arranged chronologically.

            Series I: Correspondence and Personal Writings, 1940-1989



Series I: Correspondence, 1953-1989

            Subseries A: Correspondence, 1953-1989

Folder 1:  Correspondence, 1953 -88

Folder 2:   Robert Baird Correspondence, N.D.

Folder 3:  Letter to the United States of America President Correspondence, 1989

Folder 4: Correspondence, 1954-1972

Folder 5:  Correspondence, 1966-86

Folder 6:  Correspondence, 1973-89


Subseries B: Personal Writings, 1940-1981


Folder 7:  All Hail to Our America/words and Music, 1940

Folder 8: Patent Application for aircraft carrier, 1945

Folder 9: Bernoulli’s Law Applied to Harbor Entrances and Bridges, 1959

Folder 10: Environmental Impact Statement Carlsbad Lagoon, 1972

Folder 11: hand drawn maps, Calavera School and RAH adobe, 1970s

Folder 12: History of Agua Hedionda Lagoon, 1970s

Folder 13: Gravitational Disruption of Mars, 1976

Folder 14: List of AOK writings, 1977

Folder 15: Trip to Smith Mountain, 1978

Folder 16: Looking Into a Crystal Ball, 1980

Folder 17: Trip with SD Natural History Museum to Sierra de San Pedro Martier, 1980

Folder 18: Water: California’s Greatest Resource and Problem, 1981

Folder 19: Carlsbad Water History 1880-1980, 1981



Series II: Business and Civic, 1942-87


Folder 20: Rotary International Cardboard Plaque, 1942

Folder 21: CWMD agreements, 1946-1963

Folder 22: Recall Petitions, 1955

Folder 23: SMW general Election certificate, 1958

Folder 24: CMWD, 1958- 78

Folder 25: Land Use Agreements, 1961-87

Folder 26: Coastal Commission/Agua Hedionda Lagoon correspondence, 1964-79

Folder 27:  San Diego County Land Tax Correspondence, 1967-76

Folder 28: Harbor Development, 1967

Folder 29: San Diego County Water Authority, 1975- 77

Folder 30: Accolades, Invitations and newspaper clippings, 1987


Series III: Family Remembrances and Legal Agreements

                  Subseries A: Family Remembrances


Folder 31: Kellys 1819-44 (2 copies)

Folder 32: Robert Kelly/ 1825-1891 (2 copies)

Folder 33: Plain Truth

Folder 34: xerox photos/Gunn house & Charles Kelly

Folder 35: Kelly Family Notes

Folder 36: work horses

Folder 37: Kelly genealogy

Folder 38: newspaper clipping/ 1959

Folder 39: newspaper obit/ 1964-2001

Folder 40: family photos/ xerox with captions

Folder 41: Irwin Kelly

Folder 42: Irwin Kelly/1971 interview


                 Subseries B: Legal Agreements


Folder 43: Homestead Patents

Folder 44: Ranch Recordings/brands/xerox copies

Folder 45: Easement/ R .Kelly

Folder 46: xerox/ hand drawn ranch maps

Folder 47: rainfall and temperature/ Horace Kelly/1930s               


Series IV: Travel brochures, Newspaper Clippings and Poetry Books


Folder 48: Oatman

Folder 49: Deadwood/ internet download

Folder 50: Carlsbad 1953-1973/ harbor development

Folder 51: newspaper clippings & xerox copies/ 1959

Folder 52: Orton

Folder 53: Intourist Russia travel brochures/1970s

Folder 54: Kelly Barn and grain Bin Relocation Study

Folder 55: Isle of Mann/ internet download

Folder 56: Aegis Literary Letter and Poetry and Prose Books