Ammonites in Carlsbad

American Rhinos in Carlsbad

Paleontology in Carlsbad

10,000 years of History in the San Diego Area

Archaeology in Carlsbad

Early History

First Sight of Carlsbad

Robert Kelly

Oatman Massacre

History of Shipley-Magee House

Carlsbad Downtown 1925

Carlsbad Connections Displays

Carlsbad Services and Other Topics Displays

Allan O. Kelly

Tales of the Wilson Ranch

Roswell Henry Wilson Pioneer Nurseryman

Carlsbad Architecture, by Marge Howard-Jones

Recent posters of Carlsbad, Mayor Lewis and our Sister Cities

Rain Fall Data 1850-2018

Regionl Historic Preservation Study Carlsbad 1980

Regionl Historic Preservation Study Carlsbad 1980 Maps

Cultural Resources Survey 1990

Life on a San Diego County Ranch (~1925) by John Kelly -- PDF

Life on a San Diego County Ranch (~1925) by John Kelly -- HTML

Life on a San Diego County Ranch (~1925) by John Kelly -- HTML in Chapters

A History of Carlsbad (1961) by Jack Harmon

History of Carlsbad

Early Influences
The 1880s and 1890s
The Early 1900s
The '20s
The '30s
The '40s
The Post War Years

Historia de Carlsbad - en Español

Influencias Iniciales
Los 1980 y 1890
Los comienzos de 1900
Los Años 20
Los Años 30
Los Años 40
Los Años Posteriores a la Guerra


A -- is for annexed, La Costa was one;
B -- for the Barrio – History! Fun!
C -- is for Crespi, for Carl, and for Chase;
D -- for the Dog Park, where pooches can pace.
E -- is for Elm the old main street through town;
F -- for the Flower Fields, they’ve brought renown.
G -- for guayule and old Luther Gage;
H -- for Hosp Grove where the “eucs” replaced sage.
I -- for the Indian tribes still here now;
J -- is for Juno, the Shipley’s bow-wow.
K -- for the Kelly’s and all their good deeds;
L -- is for Ledgerwood planting those seeds.
M -- for Marron and for Florence Magee;
N -- is for nature, lagoons and the sea.
O -- for Our Paper, our very first read;
P -- Portola, he rode here on a steed.
Q -- for our Quadrants, northwest is the best;
R -- for the railroad, it brought folks out west.
S -- for the spring that the seekers did find;
T -- for Twin Inns, that’s where lots of folks dined.
U -- for utopia, paradise found;
V -- for the Village, the best, it’s renowned.
W -- for water, it’s part of our history;
X -- as in X marks the spot, it’s a mystery.
Y -- for the years since our City was started;
Z -- for the Zany Hats, now long departed.

Geoff Armour

Map of North America in 1863

(Mexican) Ranchos of San Diego